I’m Tired ,I’m 29yrs But No Man To Marry Me; –– I’m Ready For Serious Relationship (Hook Ups)



She needs help very fast as age is no longer on her side and no husband yet. Below is her story then her pictures and contact on the next page:PLEASE Feel Free To Ask For Her WhatsApp Number And Fuck Her No Bullshit


I am 27 years old and even though seeing other peoples wedding bring joy to my heart, I have gotten to that stage in life where I know now for sure this will never happen for me.


I have been hoping for many years, and it’s not that I don’t have suitors, I am far from unattractive,but I just can’t find that guy. No one is perfect I know this, but there are certain things I am looking for in a life partner I haven’t found yet.


I believe in being friends above everything else, the shared ideals (religious, life etc) and then a connection. The physical isn’t of great importance, but the men I am meeting these days I can’t even have a connection with and trust me I have tried. I have been in relationships in the past, but it’s always that I gave too little or I gave too much. I am tired it shouldn’t be this hard.


I have all but given up but I want to have kids desperately, but I don’t want to be a single mom (nothing against single mothers), my mom and grand mother were single mothers and I felt their struggle I wouldn’t want to go through that. I guess I am the one with the problem…


I am tired of hoping, praying, and wishing. I have come to accept this more than likely won’t happen for me, I see a lot of single girls are going through the same struggle, and it seems hopeless. I want to be married, to a man I love, a man with whom I can grow with.”……to see her pictures and c0ntact go below this page CLICK>>>>2



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